Year of the Rabbit

The Chinese New Year is coming – January 22, 2023 to February 9 2024. This year is the Rabbit, the element is Water. Some attributes are peace and patience creating an air of calm & relaxation. This trumps the urge to panic and be indecisive. Other qualities are longevity and prosperity. Luck plays well into […]

A “Leap of Faith”, design wise.

This clock is my first foray into machined sculpture. A prototype and a true leap of faith. I had an overall idea of what it would look like & was curious to see if I could pull it off. The details were a fun challenge but, to do this clock now, It would be better. […]

Elegantly Industrial

We all like bright shiny things! Whether you are sophisticated in aesthetic ambience or a total tech head. · I find I can take my designs in multiple directions – they’re very versatile. My creative gears are always moving so, consequently, are new ideas. If I’m designing from scratch, halfway through or completely finished a […]

· MecFlower 5 Stem

· Aluminium & Copper · Height: 20.5 in.(52cm) · Diameter: 18 in.(45.7cm) · Weight: 10 lbs.(4.5kg) · $11000.00 Cdn – $13500.00 Cdn

· MecFlower 3 Stem

· Aluminium & Copper · Height: 21.5 in.(54.6cm) · Diameter: 12 in.(30.4cm) · Weight: 7 lbs.(3.175kg) · $7500.00 Cdn – $9000.00 Cdn

· MecFlower Single Stem

· Aluminium & Copper · Height: 8 in.(20.3cm) · Length: 36 in.(91.4cm) · Weight: 4 lbs.(1.8kg) · $4500.00 – $6000.00Cdn


Metal sculptures that are mechanical mimicry of various plant species. Not so much caricatures as they are resemblances. Consequent designs may not look anything like the real McCoy but, their arrangement & ambient affect will be similar.